Autogen AI
Short description

Our mission is simple and clear: we help organizations win more business by helping them craft better proposals in a fraction of the time.

Our solution combines the power of AI, your existing knowledge library and specialist features designed by bid-writers, for bid-writers, to ensure you have the competitive edge. An AutogenAI Language Engine will make your bid-writing team up to 8X more efficient, allow them to get to first draft in minutes rather than days and boost your win rates by up to 30%.

Our team is made up of dedicated specialists in procurement, bid writing, and machine learning, each one contributing to the exceptional solutions we deliver.

We believe that every organization is unique with its own specific needs and specifications. This is why we offer tailored solutions, with customizable options ranging from personalized language style to bespoke prompts.

We are proud to be one of the fastest growing generative AI companies out there. Our method works, and our results speak for themselves.

At AutogenAI, we understand that winning is the most crucial goal. It is through this lens that we deliver true value.

Country: United Kingdom