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Atkore Unistrut has been the leading supplier of metal framing systems for over 98 years. We specialise in Channel Framing, Cable Management and Prefabricated Framing, and our products and services are synonymous with engineering excellence and reliability worldwide.

Joined by Marco, we offer a one-stop solution to all your cable management requirements. Atkore Marco are the UK's leading supplier of uPVC Trunking & Steel Wire Cable Tray. We offer a wide range of uPVC trunking, Aluminium solutions and our renowned Steel Wire Cable Tray (Basket).

Part of the Atkore International family
Atkore is a major manufacturer and innovator with a unique focus on steel frame, pipe and electrical products. As part of the Atkore family we can draw on a variety of technologies, products and experience from Atkore companies throughout the world.

Country: United Kingdom